Concept design for infrastructure

Hydrology in design relates to sizing stormwater and flood management infrastructure and quantifying hydraulic performance.
Stormwater management infrastructure is often included in civil works. These structures include stormwater culverts, drains, floodways, levees and bridges. Design of overland flow pathways is also an important part of many developments.
For concept design of a structure it is important to understand what size design flow event can be conveyed or managed by a structure. This affects the cost the works to construct (a bigger structure is usually more expensive to construct than a smaller structure) and the operation of the works (such as how often a road will be untrafficable due to flooding).
Our concept design work is often undertaken as part of a larger, multi-disciplinary team. Many other factors influence design of a structure other than just the hydraulic performance of a structure. So it is important that hydrology is considered alongside a range of other design drivers.


What we do

We develop concept designs for flood and stormwater management infrastructure.
Our expertise in hydrology and hydraulic modelling feeds into the design process. We tend to get involved at the earlier planning and concept stages of the design process. We also work often in areas with complex stormwater, flood or surface water-groundwater management issues. These issues often require complex modelling to resolve (such as two dimensional hydraulic modelling). A strong understanding of the design process and practical solutions is also required.
We generally work as part of a bigger project design team.

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