Data Management

Data Management

Managing data for input to other studies

Data management is about storing and manipulating data so that other studies or models can readily access the information.
Hydrology and complex hydrologic modelling frequently requires the management, manipulation and analysis of large datasets. Datasets can be time series based (such as rainfall or water level) or spatial (such as topography or GIS mapping data). To add to the complexity, different data variables can have different time steps or resolutions yet models or interpretation techniques require resampling or standardisation.

Typically storage, manipulation and management of these type of data requires specialist techniques and software.

What we do

We provide data management services, usually as part of hydrologic or hydraulic modelling projects or monitoring programmes.
Services we provide include:

  • Specifying requirements for data collection (such as topographic survey briefs);
  • Managing large Lidar (aerial survey) data files; and
  • Collating, organising and reporting for large time series data sets (such as streamflow records).

Complimentary Services

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