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Stirling City Centre

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The Stirling City Centre Alliance was formed in 2008 with the aim of progressing development of a high-density commercial and residential centre in the Innaloo/Osborne Park area, just north of the Perth city centre. A centrepiece of the development was modifying an existing stormwater drain to become an urban stream with aesthetic, hydraulic and water quality treatment benefits. The drain was to be integrated into a parkland setting through the development area.

Part of the Stirling City Centre development work involved quantifying the hydrology of the existing drain and catchment, including surface water-groundwater interaction, and working on design options for the development.


Stilring Alliance

Our work

Robin was involved with environmental and water investigations. These investigations involved:
• Surface water and groundwater characterisation and monitoring;
• Developing a surface water/groundwater interaction model (using DHI Mike SHE) to help guide development decisions;
• Informing design of a new urban stream; and
• Informing selection of integrated water management options.
An experimental program was conducted over a two-year period, collecting stream flow and groundwater level data. These data were used to help calibrate the Mike SHE surface water-groundwater model.


The model was used to help evaluate the effect of various development and climate scenarios on groundwater and surface water regimes in the study area and to help quantify hydraulics of proposed urban stream designs.

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