Point Fraser Development

Point Fraser Development

The Point Fraser development is a functional and attractive urban space in the centre of Perth. It is located on the Swan River foreshore in East Perth, Western Australia. The site was developed by the City of Perth in 2009. The Point Fraser Development represents the City’s commitment to innovation and sustainable development. As well as having urban amenity it forms an important part of the treatment process for stormwater entering the Swan River.

As well as forming an important part of the aesthetic landscape, the wetland is designed to treat stormwater from nearby urban areas before discharge to the Swan River. The wetland includes open pools and densely vegetated zones and utilises sedimentation, filtration and biological processes to remove pollutants from incoming stormwater.

The area is an attractive and interactive urban space. It includes parking, bike and kayak hire facilities, children’s playground and barbeques. There are interpretative trails through the landscaped area, including the wetland. It is a popular destination of walkers, families and is part of the local cycle track. Lake Vasto, a large lake and landscaped urban area, is nearby.

The Point Fraser development is located on a constrained 5.8 ha site. The site design had to deal with low slopes, high groundwater and the close proximity of the Swan River. Syrinx Environmental developed the design of the wetland. Work on the project commenced in 2002 and was completed in several phases by 2009.

The wetland has won a number of awards. it won the Interpretation Australia Association National Award for Best Practice Interpretation (2008).


City of Perth


Robin’s role in this project was to undertake water balance and hydraulic modelling. He worked as part of the larger design team to help quantify aspects of the wetland design, including flow rates, diversion structures and the water balance of ponds.


Outputs from our work were incorporated into the design for the wetland.

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