Numerical Techniques

Numerical Techniques

Data interpretation and manipulation

Numerical techniques is about using specialist techniques for interpreting data.
Traditional hydrology involves the application of statistical and other methods for interpreting time-series data. Increasingly though, hydrologic and hydraulic modelling techniques require sophisticated data interpretation and manipulation.
Some of these techniques include:

  • Preparing large datasets for use in modelling;
  • Evaluating and transforming spatial data (such as predictions of peak flow conditions);
  • Preparing material for presentation, such as the data behind GIS maps; and
  • Application of numerical techniques, such as baseflow separation for stream flow data.

What we do

We work with both time series and spatial data, particularly as part of hydrologic analysis and hydraulic modelling. We apply specialist software (such as HYDSTRA) for some numerical techniques (such as baseflow separation). We work with other specialist professionals to help collect, collate and interpret data. These include surveyors, for topographic survey data, and GIS professionals for spatial mapping data.

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