Monitoring plans and hydrographic advice

Monitoring involves collecting data to describe the characteristics of streams, rivers and catchments. This often incudes recording rainfall, streamflow and other variables.

Monitoring is often required as part of the environmental approvals for mine and industrial sites. These data can be used to help characterise the response of the natural system at a development site and/or as part of a regulatory reporting requirement.

Monitoring of stormwater flows, water quality and groundwater is commonly required as part of environmental approvals and development studies. A strong dataset can also be used to help calibrate and verify complex hydrologic models and can be used with hydrologic analysis techniques.

What we do

We develop monitoring plans, assist with implementation of monitoring programmes, interpret data and use data for model setup and testing. Monitoring programmes are often part of environmental impact assessments or as a regulatory requirement.

We take monitoring data and use them with our hydrologic and hydraulic models and with specialised analytical techniques. Calibration of models using ‘real world’ data is an important way to improve the reliability of hydrologic and hydraulic models.

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