Mount Mulgine Mine Hydrology

Mount Mulgine Mine Hydrology

Tungsten Mining is developing the Mount Mulgine mine, a tungsten and molybdenum resource in the Murchison Region, 330 km north of Perth, Western Australia. This project will produce tungsten and molybdenum for the export market. Tungsten and molybdenum are used to produce hard industrial metals.
The Mount Mulgine mine has two near-surface mineral resources – Mulgine Trench and Mulgine Hill. Tungsten Mining is currently implementing its strategic development plan for the project, with a focus is on production from Mulgine Hill. The project is moving through the resource definition and planning approval phases into design and construction. Mining production commences in 2019.

More details about the project are given on the Tungsten Mining website.

A key part of planning approvals for the project is the mining proposal. This hydrology study supports the mining proposal and provides information on surface water management to guide mine planning. Hydrologia’s work focusses on the Mulgine Hill resource and associated mining infrastructure.


Tungsten Mining NL

Our work

Hydrologia assisted Tungsten Mining with planning and design for the project. This included providing information on stormwater management to inform the mining proposal.

Our scope of work was to:

  • Describe baseline catchment and site hydrology for the Mulgine Hill pits and associated mine infrastructure, as required for the mining proposal;
  • Undertake a flood risk assessment for the Mulgine Hill pits; and
  • Develop preliminary conceptual designs for stormwater management infrastructure.


Deliverables were:

  • A report presenting the results of the study; and
  • Contribution to the mine planning process.

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