South Road Superway

South Road Superway

The South Road Superway project is one of South Australia’s largest and most complex road projects. It consists of 4.8 km of expressway, including 2.8 km of elevated roadway and runs from the Port River Expressway to Regency Road.

The road connects industrial and residential sites and is an important part of Adelaide’s long term growth strategy. The total project cost was $842 million and it was completed in December 2013.


Government of South Australia

Our work

Design services for the road were provided by a multi-disciplined project team, located on site. Part of the design process included verification by engineers who were not involved in the design.

Robin was engaged as part of a team of independent reviewers. His scope was to provide independent verification for drainage aspects of the project. This involved:

  • A site visit;
  • Review of drainage aspects of work packages as they became available;
  • Cross-checks and testing of design principals; and
  • Reporting into the projects design assurance system.


The result was confidence by the project team that designs had been comprehensively verified.

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